Wednesday, December 24, 2003

PlainsCapital Fort Worth Bowl: Boise State 34, TCU 31 In the first post-season battle of Top-20 schools, the WAC champions rallied from a 21-7 deficit to knock off their hosts to win the inaugural match-up in Fort Worth. The Horned Frogs, ranked as high as sixth in the BCS rankings this season, saw a chance to tie the game in the final seconds go awry when a 50-yard field goal fell way short. The Broncos finish the season at 13-1.

Boise has been a particular favorite of West Coast football fans the past few years, with its blue home turf, its habit of knocking off Fresno State, and its annual wins at the Humanitarian Bowl, the only post-season game to be played in a frozen climate. This season, they lost but once, had one of the top quarterbacks in the country in Ryan Dinwiddie, and indirectly figured in the national title dispute; by beating Hawaii in the last game of the season, it might have insured LSU passing USC in the computer rankings by weakening the Trojans' strength of schedule.

And speading of SC (you knew I was going to find a segway), this week we honor Devon as our Song Girl of the Week. A junior majoring in Communications, with two years experience on the Squad, she aspires to a career as a lawyer (smart lady; she should consider bankruptcy law as a specialty). Her favorite film is Silence of the Lambs, and she enjoys Coldplay, Sex and the City, and chocolate chip cookies. She loves driving on the freeway with her favorite song on the radio, with no traffic (we can all dream), and her favorite Trojan of all time is the late Ricky Bell, a hero of my youth whose playing career was pretty much over by the time Devon was born. Lastly, she refers to the Squad's frequent non-game performances as "gigs".


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