Friday, December 05, 2003

By the end of play tomorrow, we might still not have any idea who Oklahoma's opponent will be on January 4. If LSU and USC both win, the Sugar Bowl slot may be determined by how far Georgia falls in the BCS standings; with No. 10 Miami of Ohio soundly trouncing Bowling Green last night, the Tigers might have to avoid blowing out the Bulldogs to keep their foe in the top-10, and thereby keeping the Quality Win points. Similarly, a victory by Hawaii (over Boise State) and/or Notre Dame (over Syracuse) might enable the Trojans to preserve their margin in the strength-of-schedule department. However, should Oregon State throw a scare into the Trojans, as it has the last two times it has played SC at the Coliseum, LSU might leap into the second spot in the national polls, cinching its place in New Orleans.

Other scenarios would create even greater chaos. For example, let's say both USC and LSU lose tomorrow. Although Michigan is Number Four right now, their lead over No. 6 Georgia is slight as it is; a Bulldog upset over the Bayou Bengals might give them enough of a lift to pass the Wolverines. And what if Oklahoma loses? Supposedly, the various rankings and computer formulas have placed them in a secure position for the Sugar Bowl. But anything other than a last-second loss to K-State would probably knock the Sooners down to third in the standings, assuming USC and LSU win. Could it be possible that a team ranked first in one of the polls would be shut out of the BCS title game? And how about the Army-Navy scenario? Oh, right, that game has no impact, but it will be interesting to see if the Commander-in-Chief shows up with a plastic turkey....

While you consider the possibilities, let us take notice of Kimberly, our Song Girl of the Week. A third-year veteran of the squad, this Kappa Alpha is studying to be an accountant, enjoys going to movies, scrapbooking, and watching The Bachelor, and was drawn to the campus by "the big school feel of USC with its strong athletics, greek system, and academics. The minute I saw USC and looked around the campus, I knew this was the school for me." Hopefully, she'll have the chance to enjoy New Orleans over New Years weekend.


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