Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Important news: ABC has already announced the games it will show, both regionally and via satellite, this Saturday, and along with the dross (ie., Ohio State-Michigan, SC-UCLA), viewers will be able to catch The Big Game !! GO BEARS !!!

In the meantime, has it been only six short days since Alanna became the third Condredge's Acolytes Song Girl of the Week? Well, all glory is fleeting, so without further adieu, let us welcome our new SGOTW, Kristen. She is a sophomore majoring in Communications, and whose hobbies include "[s]hopping, eating, dancing, and spending quality time with friends and family." Her favorite film is Father of the Bride (no indication if it's the original, with Elizabeth Taylor and Spencer Tracy, or the remake, with Steve Martin and someone else), and, natch, her favorite aspect of attending the university is "the Trojan Spirit". We Are...SC !!


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