Friday, November 07, 2003

This weekend is a step down from last week, with USC, LSU and Michigan squaring off against the dreaded BYE, but a few games should be interesting. Disappointing Pitt hosts VA Tech, fresh off their deceptively resounding win over Miami, which plays Tennessee at the Orange Bowl. Michigan State tries to keep its Rose Bowl hopes alive in Columbus against Ohio State, while the Alamo Bowl keeps an eye on the Iowa-Purdue battle. The PAC-10 and SEC-West races come closer to being resolved as Wazzou hosts UCLA and Ole Miss travels to Auburn.

And, of course, the college football version of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry takes place in South Bend, where Notre Dame tries to keep its 39-game winning streak intact against Navy. The Middies have not beaten the Irish since Staubach was their starting QB, but may have their best chance in ages this season. Navy has played Notre Dame tougher on the road over the last decade, and for the first time in ages, will be the team in this game playing for a bowl bid. And should the Domers lose, they will fall behind Michigan into second place in the all-time win percentage rankings.


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