Friday, October 17, 2003

I've pretty much taken a hiatus this season, due in large part to the demands of my other blog during the Recall, but now I'm back. As you probably know, last week saw the fall of six undefeated schools: Minnesota, Nebraska, Arkansas, Florida State, LSU, and, most surprisingly, defending national champion Ohio State. Oklahoma routed Texas in what has become the college football version of the Yankees-Red Sox "rivalry", while Miami once again showed why they are such a tough road opponent by dismantling the Seminoles.

This week features perhaps the safest "upset" prediction of the year, as Notre Dame will once again pound get pounded by USC in South Bend; since 1981, the Trojans have won only once on the road in what was once the greatest rivalry in the sport, and the combination of a young QB, lousy officiating, and a rejuvenated Irish team, fresh off a stunning fluke win last week at Pitt, will lead to the fall an easy win for yet another highly ranked team. The other big game will be in Columbus, where the Buckeyes have struggled all year, and now have to face the school they shared the conference title with in route to the BCS crown, Iowa. In another elimination game for the Big 10 title, Purdue will square off early against Wisconsin, last week's victor over Ohio State.

In the meantime, I will be at the Rose Bowl, watching the alma mater take on the Cubs Bruins of UCLA. Also, Midnight Madness starts tonight. And the first BCS poll comes out Monday.


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