Sunday, September 07, 2003

If I live to be a hundred (or even forty, assuming I can last out another month), I may never see a better football game than last night's battle between Florida and Miami, won by the Hurricanes, 38-33. It featured just about everything, from a long punt return for a touchdown to several big plays by the Florida offense to a huge comeback, from 23 points down, in the second half by Miami. In between there was a stunning breach of etiquette by KJ Winslow, who after scoring mid-way through the final quarter to bring Miami within two points, taunted the Gator fans in the end zone, inflicting an unsportsmanlike conduct flag from the officials and moving the 'Canes out of range for the 2-pointer that would have tied the game. Didn't matter, in the long run.

All sorts of other terrific games, as well, including what would have been a monumental upset in Columbus, a near scare at the Colisseum, and another big comeback, this time in the more predictable locale of South Bend. More later.


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