Sunday, August 31, 2003

SC 23, Auburn 0: Since I had the Trojans losing by about this margin, it's safe to say I was shocked by the one-sided nature of this game. USC picked off a pass on the second play of the game, and scored shortly thereafter. Matt Leinart looked like he was a fifth year senior, rather than a sophmore making his first start, and the defense took the crowd completely out of the game. Since the Trojans still have road dates with Notre Dame, Washington, Arizona State, and the resurgent CAL Bears, I will withhold any Sugar Bowl predictions for now (which, based on my success over the weekend, is reassuring to any Trojan fan), but I am impressed.

Ohio State 28, Washington 9: I don't know what to make of this result. The Buckeyes played without Maurice Clarett, but they won last year without him, as well. Washington has been an increasingly pathetic team in network games the previous two seasons, and the first game under Keith Gilbertson continued where they left off last year.

Well done, Katie Hnida !!


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