Saturday, September 06, 2003

What possible motivation does a school have in agreeing to play Fresno State as a road non-conference opponent?

Speaking of which, the big game tomorrow is Florida v. Miami, at the Orange Bowl. The Gators always did the smart thing under Spurrier: duck the 'Canes, schedule softies from the Big West at Gainesville, maintain their dominance over Tennessee and Georgia, and hope that the big game with State was at home. Believe it or not, while Spurrier was coach, Florida did not win a single non-conference game on the road during the regular season. Here is the ESPN game plan schedule for tomorrow; Over/Under in Santa Monica will have all the games, including pivotal Buffalo at Iowa and Troy St. at Minnesota showdowns, the Ohio State-San Diego State passion play, as well as Miami's anticipated ass-kicking of their hated rivals.


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