Sunday, September 28, 2003

The bad news is, after a win like yesterday's, Tedford certainly can be assured that the pros will come a'calling. Perhaps the most surprising thing was, CAL's 34-31 win in triple OT was no fluke; the Bears completely outplayed USC in the first half, allowed the Trojans to remain in the game with some costly interceptions, but prevented them from making any of the patented big plays on offense that might have broken CAL's back. Echemandu had perhaps the biggest rushing performance in Berkeley since Russell White, and both QB's stood out. And most critically, Tyler Frederickson's 51-yard kick in the 4th quarter reclaimed the lead for the Bears just when it seemed USC might pull away after scoring two quick third quarter touchdowns, and his field goal in the third overtime, after two previous kicks were blocked, was uber-clutch. GO BEARS !!!

As a post-script, I thought I would print an e-mail received from my shaved-head compadre from Joxer Daly's, Matt C.:
First let me congratulate you on a fine Cal victory. You just cost us a shot at a national title and perhaps the Rose Bowl. A few thoughts:

1. I had no idea how this game would go beforehand but I was 100% sure that it would be trouble for S.C.
2. I'm not even going to attempt to spell your running back's name but suffice to say he's a badass.
3. Your starting QB puts up 21 first half points and basically shreds the "great" S.C. defense and gets pulled. Keep him in the game and it doesn't go to overtime.
4. Matt Leinart sucks.
5. We were way overrated and I suspected as much.
6. I'm a conservative, which usually makes me right, but the word has no place on the football field especially when deep in the opponent's territory and down by three, not one or two but three. Three consecutive rushes to set up a possibility that your kicker will kick you into overtime? S.C. was in that position because of the pass.
7. The "great" Norm Chow(box) cost us that game.
8. Our secondary couldn't cover a bed.

Since it's too early to comment on Smythe's World, and I'm sure you'll have something to say about the game, I was wondering if you couldn't somehow transfer this e-mail into your comments section. For I have neither the patience nor the desire to type this whole thing up again.

Again, congratulations on a fine victory Mr. Smythenheimer, I'm off to what used to be known as "the happiest little place on Earth" so I can get knee deep into about 33 gallons of alcoholic libations. I deserve it after watching that debacle.

Love always, Matt.


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