Monday, October 27, 2003

The new BCS ratings now have USC jumping three spots, to Number 4, while formerly undefeated VA Tech falls completely out of the picture. FSU is a tenuous third.

As I mentioned last week, it doesn't look like either Oklahoma or Miami will lose a game before the Sugar Bowl, although both teams have their toughest tests of the year coming up this Saturday. The Trojans would seem to have the best shot if either school stumbles, although they play an even tougher opponent this week than their competitors.

Still in all, this has been a spectacular season and a half for USC, and in dedication to the law school from which I matriculated, I now present what I hope will be a weekly feature, my Song Girl of the Week. This week, it's "Lindsey", a petite blonde Pi Beta Thi whose favorite movie is Dumb and Dumber, whose favorite part about being a Trojan is "[T]he amazing school spirit and Trojan Pride along with the perfect mix of academic and social life (which) make USC the ideal school", and who believes that the best word to describe herself is "enthusiastic". Indeed.


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