Saturday, November 08, 2003

To absolutely no one's surprise, Maurice Clarett is on the verge of flunking out of Ohio State. He has been advised by the university to withdraw from two courses he seems likely to fail, an African-American Studies program to which he had frequently slept through the few classes he bothered to attend, and a P.E. class for which he had not turned in assignments. As brilliant a football player as he is, I would be very skeptical of taking him, were I an NFL general manager. Accepting for the moment that Clarett wasn't in Columbus to prepare for medical school, his academic performance is still relevant for evaluating his potential as a pro football player because it signifies the amount of motivation he has. Going to class, scraping by on exams, and being a college football player 24-7 shows me a person who is willing to work his ass off, both on and off the field.


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