Sunday, December 14, 2003

In a clear example of why the Heisman vote should entirely take place after the season ends, Jason White took home the statue, exactly one week after captaining his Oklahoma Sooners to a 35-7 defeat in the Big-12 Championship (I would have voted for Eli Manning).

Reviewing the polls, computers, and just taking a week to think about what happened, I am more convinced then ever that SC caught a huge break by not being selected for the Sugar Bowl. The AP poll has always been the more respected of the two polls, the one that traditionally had the greatest East Coast bias, and all the Trojans have to do to win its National Championship is beat the Number 4 team in the country in what is practically a home game (and hope LSU doesn't annhiliate Oklahoma; the Tigers are only a couple points behind USC in the AP, and a one-sided win should be enough to get them an undisputed title if the Trojans look unimpressive in beating Michigan). The Maize and Blue are good enough to be a credible opponent in a title game, but more beatable than Oklahoma, when the Sooners show up to play, as they probably will on January 4.

In any event, I would not have wanted to play LSU in their home state for the title, or Oklahoma coming off their embarrasing loss. And I would not wish to postpone any further the annointing of this week's Song Girl of the Week...Heather. The 3-year veteran (and the 2003 Squad Captain) is majoring in Business Administration, which she hopes to parlay into a career in marketing (don't they all...didn't she see Say Anything?). She loves "watermelon and ice cream", but not, as far as I can tell, watermelon ice cream, and Jack Johnson, although I have a feeling it's not the turn-of-the-last century heavyweight champ to which she's referring. The favorite memory of this Pi Beta Thi from San Diego has to be "The friendships and being part of a team!! I love all the girls on the squad. Every year we always grow so close, especially during football season with all the traveling we do...the only other thing I could possibly wish for is a trip to the ROSE BOWL!!!" WISH GRANTED !!!


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