Thursday, September 19, 2002

Speaking of Florida-Tennessee, that game is easily the best of a mediocre lot before the conference schedules start for most of the country. Tennessee is looking for its second consecutive win in the series, and 3rd in the last 4, over a suddenly vulnerable Florida team (but the Gators have a habit of sneaking away with wins in Knoxville; in fact, there's an old saying in Tennessee that says, fool me once, shame on -- shame on you. Fool me -- won't get fooled again) The next best game is probably VA Tech v. A&M, which will cause narcolepsy in 90% of the viewers who don't have money riding on the outcome. Also of interest are USC v. K-State (the Wildcats finally play a Division 1 opponent), Notre Dame v. Michigan St. (a rare match-up involving two black coaches) and Miami v. BC. Two potential upsets to look for--Utah comes off a horrendous last second call in a loss to Arizona, and travels to Ann Arbor to face the nation's worst big-time QB, John Navarre; and Ohio State travels to underrated Cincinnati (who could imagine Woody Hayes allowing the Buckeyes to play an in-state rival on the road). And is it possible that CAL could win its fifth in a row going back to the end of last season?


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