Monday, September 16, 2002

Kevin Scarbinsky of the Birmingham News has noticed what I did; the SEC is getting its butt kicked by major out-of-conference foes. They're 2-8 against BCS competition, with the wins coming from Kentucky (against Big Ten doormat Indiana) and Georgia's struggle against Clemson. That a game in which a heavily favored SEC team, playing at home, was dominated on both sides of the football but pulled out because of special teams is the conference's best win is scary. Actually, the best game an SEC team has played against major competition was Alabama's valiant loss at Oklahoma. Conference favorite Tennessee hasn't played anyone (wait until Miami pays a visit to Knoxville Nov. 9), and most of the losses came on the road. But for a conference that prides itself on being the football conference to be 2-8 three weeks in is troubling to say the least.


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