Monday, September 09, 2002

Aside from the emergence of Tyrone Willingham as coach of Notre Dame, the biggest story in college football this year has gone unreported. I am referring to Jared Lorenzen of course, the large quarterback of Kentucky. The problem with the non-blog press is the inability to lose the pre-made theme when covering an event or an individual. With Lorenzen, you can't find coverage that does not yuk it up over how Lorenzen resembles a fat tub of goo. The media cannot get around the fact that he's a 300 pound QB. He threw 5 touchdown passes in 2 quarters last week and, apparently, he's still just a fat slob. He has a 175 QB efficiency rating, but I guess I shouldn't pay attention becuase the guy could use some slim fast. Well, f*** that, here's my vote for Lorenzen as the Davey O'Brien Award winner. I guess O'Brien must have been one skinny f****r.


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