Monday, September 09, 2002

Since my usual hang-out does not have the college football package, I have decided to experiment with different locales this year for my Saturday morning fix. The last two weeks I patronized Over/Under, which is the sports bar adjacent to 14 Below in Santa Monica, for the early morning Michigan game. While it is nice to root for your team at a friendly locale, Over/Under has the added benefit (for me, at least) of being the place where Miss Michigan Sorority Brunette watches her team. This week, she (who shall remain nameless, since I don't know her name) sat at the table next to the entrance, below a set that had the Pitt-A&M game, so anyone watching that game was clearly doing so for the purpose of stealing a peak at that goddess, with her Garneresque features, her short shorts, and her perfectly tanned body. It was an exciting game, too, with the Aggies barely holding on to beat the Panthers, 14-12. According to later newspaper accounts, Michigan won its second straight, beating Western Michigan, 35-12.


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