Friday, October 11, 2002

The biggest Saturday of the college football season so far features two classic rivalries, Florida St. vs. Miami and Oklahoma vs. Texas (the complete schedule here). In addition, Georgia can take control of the SEC East with a win against Tennessee, while LSU and Florida attempt to keep their dwindling BCS hopes alive in Gainesville, Oregon vies to remain the only undefeated Pac-10 team when it travels to the Rose Bowl to play UCLA, and Michigan and Penn State play what is in effect an elimination game in the battle with Ohio State for the Big-10 championship. Lesser tiered games include USC and CAL at the Colliseum, BYU travelling to undefeated Air Force, North Carolina hosting NC State, and Pitt playing Notre Dame beneath Touchdown Jesus.

I suppose this is, for lack of a better term, athletically incorrect to say, but is there a more overrated rivalry in college sports than Texas and Oklahoma? To put it another way, how many times in the last thirty years has Texas beaten the Sooners when both teams were good? Once, maybe...the Longhorns have been boring, predictable and bland since the rest of the country caught up with the wishbone, or at least since Earl Campbell graduated. This game is the football version of the Yankees and Red Sox; the fans supposedly hate each other, so the rest of us are supposed to pretend its a legitimate rivalry, even though one team always gets punked by the other. But the good news is, Chris Simms will get to start Saturday, and no doubt will look as impressive as he did last season against Oklahoma.


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