Thursday, October 03, 2002

Without further adieu, this weekend's schedule, featuring a number of good conference match-ups involving ranked opponents, including USC and Wazzou, Penn State facing Iowa, and Georgia travelling to Alabama. In other action, UCLA tries to avoid a second loss to a team that got walloped by its crosstown rival when it meets up with Oregon State; Florida gets a chance to lay yet another beating on an overrated QB named Manning when it goes to Ole Miss (ED.-btw, whoever linked here through a Google search for "Ole Miss sorority girls" deserves some appreciation--although this site was a dead end, the other, more relevant sites were greatly appreciated); and Ty Willingham gets to coach against his former team in South Bend. Potential upsets include Missouri hosting Oklahoma the week before the Sooners play Texas, and CAL trying to knock off Washington for the first time since the Ford Administration. And a special congratulatory note goes out to the AD's of Miami and Nebraska, for having the courage to schedule UConn and McNeese State, respectively.


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