Monday, October 07, 2002

No time to write a comprehensive SEC recap this week, sorry. I didn't get to watch much football anyway; it was a very hectic weekend. Some impressions... It appears that we're seeing the changing of the guard in the SEC. Georgia, with a win over Alabama in Tuscaloosa, asserted itself as the team to beat in the SEC, and as the conference's only national championship hope. Florida turned the ball over four times and lost to Ole Miss in Oxford, and is a team in disarray. And Tennessee needed six overtimes to finally overcome Arkansas in Knoxville. Neither the Vols nor the Gators looks anything like a match for a Georgia team that, despite a close score, was really the first team this year to outplay Alabama.

One last note... Georgia players said they were inspired by a quote of Pat Dye's saying that they weren't man enough to beat Alabama. Which is weird -- they're letting a Georgia graduate and former Auburn coach provide their bulletin board material against Alabama? Does that make any sense?


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