Monday, November 13, 2006

Now it gets interesting. USC leaped forward to number 3 in the BCS rankings, and stands the best chance of benefitting from the misfortune of the Michigan-Ohio State loser. The Trojans still have home games with CAL and Notre Dame, followed by a visit to the Rose Bowl against crosstown rival UCLA, all in the next three weeks. Should they stumble, Florida(4) has the easier schedule down the stretch, Notre Dame(5) has the match-up with SC to propel them to the top, Rutgers(6) is still unbeaten, and is doing very well in the computer rankings, and the loser of this Saturday's version of the Game of the Century will have a legit claim, particularly if the result is close, controversial and/or exciting. Out of luck: Arkansas, which has the bad loss at home to USC; Boise State, unbeaten but untested; and Wisconsin, which had the bad luck of playing in the same conference as the two giants of this season.


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