Thursday, November 02, 2006

Oklahoma [19] 26, Missouri [23] 10: Breaking a regular season losing streak away from the friendly confines of Norman, the Sooners easily breezed past the resurgent Tigers. It was their first road win in over a year, and their first victory over a ranked team away from home in two years.

About the game itself, I can speak little, since I spent much of Saturday afternoon staring, in a progressively drunken stupor, at the SC-Oregon State shocker. As you probably know, the Trojans lost their first regular season game in three years, and only their second game anywhere to the Beavers since 1967. Oddly enough, though, it was probably their best effort since the win over Nebraska. John David Booty struggled at the outset, but was superb in the second half; I guess playing a prevent in the fourth quarter will make any QB look like John Elway. And my namesake had the game of his career, catching two touchdown passes, including one that put the Trojans within a conversion of tying in the final seven seconds.

But the Trojans fell short, and they now must win out to even qualify for a BCS game against a tough CAL team, which was idle. Not as idle was this week's Songleader of the Week, Anasheh, a senior sociology major(and the other co-captain) celebrating her second year with the team. Usually, it's easy for me to snark away at the cliched answers that seem to have been produced by rote, but one can't help but liking someone whose favorite memory of the squad is this:
I cannot even begin to explain how many funny moments we have shared together. Everywhere we have traveled, we have left our Song Girl mark. Even if we go somewhere really awkward (like Norfolk, Virginia) we make the best of our time. One of my most memorable moments would have to be the 2005 Rose Bowl Championship game. Better yet, that whole week was something I will never forget. We ate In-N-Out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday, lived out of our cars, spent every waking hour together, cried on the rose parade float because we were almost positive we would die from pneumonia, and lost the championship title in the last minute of the game. You would think that after all that we would want to crawl up in a hole and hide. We didn’t. We actually grew closer and realized that we had just been a part of history.
Whatever may have happened to the Sunland native in Norfolk, VA that was so awkward must forever be a source of speculation. A pity she won't get another chance to cheer her school on to the national title.


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