Monday, September 18, 2006

Oregon[13] 34, Oklahoma[17] 33:
Pac-10 Commissioner Tom Hansen said Monday that a review by conference officials of video of the game revealed that both the instant replay officials and the game officials assigned by the conference made errors in the final minute and 12 seconds of the game.

Oklahoma lost the game 34-33 after Oregon scored two touchdowns near the end of the game.

An onside kick by Oregon after its first late touchdown was touched by a Ducks player before it traveled the required 10 yards, and the Pac-10 ruled that the ball should have been awarded to Oklahoma. The league also said that video revealed that an Oklahoma player actually recovered the ball.

Officials on the field gave the ball to Oregon, and replay officials did not overturn that decision.
Oops. I can understand blowing the call as to when the ball was first touched by the Ducks, but not correctly calling the team that recovered the kick is really, really lame. And even so, the Sooners still had a great chance to win the game anyways, but botched a short field goal in the waning seconds. Pac-10 teams usually don't get the benefit of bad calls (see 2006 Rose Bowl), and I hardly see how Oregon is going to see any long-term positives from this win. If they're on the bubble for a BCS game in December, people are going to remember this gift.


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