Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Instant replay has been the grain of sand in the oyster shell this season, as officiating crews in at least two games have been punished due to questionable calls. This past week, an instant replay official was suspended for having overruled a fumble in a game between Houston and Oklahoma State, which the conference later determined should not have been reviewable in the first place. Last week, the BCS may have been inalterably shaped by two bad calls in the final two minutes in a game between Oregon and Oklahoma, which ultimately led to the Ducks' come-from-behind win, as a well as a questionable call in the Auburn-LSU SEC-West battle.

The referee that somehow failed to see that the pivotal onside kick had been recovered by the team other than the one he awarded possession to last week in Eugene, rather than sitting out a week, ended up working this past week's game between USC and Arizona, won by the Trojans, 20-3, in Tucson. The Wildcats are coached by Mike Stoops, brother of Sooner coach Bob Stoops, but this time it was the brutal Trojan defense, which limited the Wildcats to -16 total yards on the ground, that victimized the Stoops. In fact, Arizona benefited from three straight replay calls in the second half that went their way, keeping the game close until the very end, and leading the Wildcats' fans to mockingly chant, "Ok-la-ho-ma" at the officiating crew.

Hopefully not facing a suspension anytime soon is Erika, this week's USC Songleader of the Week. Yet another rookie on the squad, this blonde junior theatre major hails from San Marino (a particularly ritzy suberb of Pasadena), envisions herself one day starring on the silver screen, and lists her "other school activities" as "Sorority Member," which at USC is a pretty big thing indeed. Interestingly, she is happiest when she is "with the people that I love."


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