Sunday, December 04, 2005

Disappointing piece on Texas Tech football, by Moneyball author Michael Lewis, in the New York Times Sunday Magazine. The focus is on this year's version of the Run-and-Shoot, or how the Red Raiders are able to compile the best offensive numbers in football by playing a joke schedule, in a weak conference. Their blow-out loss to Texas (ie., their one real opponent) is glossed over; 80% of the rest is the author's dull take on game preparation.

Come to think of it, TTech usually gets blown out by the real teams in the Big 12. Their non-conference slate this season included SMU and two non-Division 1 opponents, and their one big win in recent years, the 2004 Holiday Bowl, was against a disinterested, banged-up, demoralized CAL team that seemed to be playing as if it was engaged in a sit-down strike against the BCS. Lewis, a fine writer when the topic isn't his wife or concubines, has to guard against going down the Halberstam path of sportswriting while he's still young.


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