Sunday, August 29, 2004

USC 24, VA Tech 13: One testament to Pete Carroll's greatness as a head coach is that even though his team trailed at half to a fired-up opponent, playing what was, for all intents and purposes, a home game, it never appeared for a moment that the Trojans would lose. They played turnover-free ball, Matt Leinart moved the team when he needed to, and they benefited from an horrendous offensive pass interference call that stopped a Hokie drive in the third quarter. Not a bad start in defense of the national title....


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That was probably the loudest game I've ever been to. One commentator on ESPN said it was louder than games down in Blacksburg. I can believe it. Totally a home game.

Certainly mid to late 3rd quarter, when VTech was driving, I was getting nervous.

That game showed that the biggest lost to the team may not have been Mike Williams but rather Winston Justice. Lutui and Williams were getting taken repeatedly.

It was exciting to see the emergence of the young players. Schweiger made an immediate impact: first play, first sack of his career. He also contained Randall from going wide. Fast, fast, fast. Lo Jack played a great game. It will take time for the freshman receivers to get it together. We can do better than Alex Holmes as a receiving TE. We really need Byrd back. Until then, I'm eager to see Fred Davis go out on some patterns.

Arbet is terrible in one on one pass coverage. The starters at CB should eventually be Wyatt and Wright. Hell, they were the ones playing in the fourth, it seemed. Bing has yet to show the all-world talent he was supposed to have coming out of HS. Sartz didn't have a good game -- out of position a lot. I wonder when Keith Rivers will get significant minutes. Cody didn't do much out there, for whatever reason.

The VTech crowd was, shall we say, interesting. One guy chatted our group up in the parking lot. He was wearing a hunting club cap. He asked us, "Aren't there a lot of faggots in California?" A woman in our group responded that he should watch out, because they work out a lot. He also freely referred to Vick and the other VTech players with offseason problems as "niggers."


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