Sunday, March 23, 2003

Arizona 96, Gonzaga 95[2OT]: The only way to beat the 'Zags is to drive a stake through their hearts, or at least to have the refs forget the rule about "change of possession". Helped by a questionable call, and showing some heretofore unseen determination and heart, the Wildcats won the most exciting game of the tournament. Gonzaga kept the game close through regulation, finally pulling into a tie in the final seconds on a put-back shot by Tony Skinner, who along with Blake Stepp led the Bulldogs in scoring with 25 points. In the second overtime, Arizona was aided by a questionable call after Jason Gardner rebounded a Gonzaga airball, took two dribbles and lost it out of bounds. Rather than restart the shot clock, the officials ruled that there had been no change of possession, and the Bulldogs missed badly on a forced shot. Neither team scored in the final two minutes of the second overtime. The Wildcats move on to face Notre Dame on Thursday.


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