Monday, November 11, 2002

Well, at least this week there will be no BCS controversy. Miami and Ohio State are the only two undefeated teams left, and both will be 1-2 when the next ratings come out later today. If nothing changes between now and December 7, the Fiesta Bowl will be a no-brainer, and we will be deprived of the traditional rant about how the BCS sucks and how what will solve all the problems of the world is a month-long championship tournament. Both the Buckeyes and Canes have one away game left, and both end their season at home against their toughest opponent of the season, but both should keep their perfect records in tact.

At this point, the only dispute is which other schools will get BCS invites. Ohio State and Iowa are in a dogfight for the Big 10 championship; assuming the Buckeyes can win at Illinois and home against Michigan, they win out based on their over-all record (Iowa having lost to erstwhile-Heisman candidate Seneca Wallace and Iowa State). Michigan is still alive, but will need the Hawkeyes to lose twice. Wazzou is in command of the Pac-10 race, and will clinch a Rose Bowl berth with a win against either UDub or UCLA. USC and UCLA still have a shot, and the surprising Bruins can sneak through should they beat SC and Wazzou at home, and the Cougars lose at home to Washington.

The Big-12 title game will almost certainly be a rematch of Oklahoma and Colorado; the Sooners will probably get the Fiesta Bowl pick if they win and either OSU or Miami loses. The Big East title will go to the winner of the Miami-Pitt game at the Orange Bowl; I wonder who's going to win. Florida State may be having a disappointing season, but the 'Noles will clinch the ACC title with a win next week over North Carolina. I'll let Mr. Thomason handle the muddled SEC race, but I would venture a guess that the play-in game will likely feature LSU and Georgia. The other two spots will go to Notre Dame (ugh) and Texas (if both remain unbeaten the rest of the way), with USC and Iowa possibilities if they fail.


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