Thursday, November 28, 2002

For a holiday that has such strong traditional ties to the gridiron, Thanksgiving has become a rather dull happening for football fans in recent years. Pro fans, of course, get stuck seeing Detroit and Dallas, two of the bottom-feeders in the NFC (btw, both the Lions and Pats are wearing their home jerseys this morning, something that schools used to do all the time in college football; up to 1982, SC and UCLA still did so). The one college game this evening is the "Egg Bowl", between Ole Miss and Mississippi State, a rivalry that captivates absolutely no one outside the Magnolia State. ESPN used to pick up the A&M-Texas game, which always had some bowl ramifications, and even now has a sense of history. Unfortunately, that game got moved to the day after Thanksgiving about five years ago, presumably so ABC could televise it, so college fans are stuck with the Egg Bowl.

The only reason this year's game is interesting to people outside of the state is that Ole Miss needs to win to assure itself a bowl bid. If the Bulldogs win, the SEC would lose a bowl spot, and an at-large bid would open up, probably benefiting Oregon State or Minnesota. Exciting, huh?. The stories ESPN will probably hype tonight, that Eli Manning might turn pro, or that Jackie Sherrill may get canned, are again, only relevant to Mississipeons; outside of Oxford, who gives a rat's ass who Ole Miss' quarterback is. Nevertheless, I'm taping the game, just to see what the big deal is about "Ole Miss sorority girls"; if I don't think they're all that, I may just shut down this site rather than enabling you weirdos.


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