Friday, August 30, 2002

The Birmingham News brings us the sob story of loser former Alabama Coach Mike DuBose. Or as he's known in my household, "That Terrible Man". DuBose is the man who presided over the complete collapse of a century of Alabama Football history, most of it with his shirttail out. While the recruiting violations that got the NCAA to bring the hammer on UA (they went too far) were not largely DuBose's doing, they happened on his watch, and he should have put a stop to them. He didn't even win -- two losing seasons in four, one mediocre season, and one winning year.

Anyway, now DuBose is coaching high school football in Dothan. (It's near the panhandle.) It's too good for him. I think he should be forced to beg for scraps on the streets of Tuscaloosa. Me, bitter?


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