Thursday, May 22, 2003

As you probably know, the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA lottery tonight, and will probably select LaBron James as their top pick. For basketball fans, the real story was the fact that the Detroit Pistons won the second pick, meaning that one of the best and youngest teams in the league will have a likely superstar to add to what is an already formidable lineup, albeit one that is about to be swept in this year's Eastern Conference Finals. The consensus, of course, is that the pick will be used on the wonderkind from Syracuse, Carmelo Anthony. It should be noted that in 1979, the Los Angeles Lakers were similarly wiped out in the playoffs before getting the opportunity to draft the star player of another national champion, Magic Johnson.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

In a move that may shake up the sport of college football, the ACC today announced its intention to expand by three teams, with Miami (Fl) one of the teams invited to join. Possible schools joining Miami include BC, Virginia Tech, and/or Syracuse. Besides making the annual game with FSU something a little more important than just another battle for the national title, this may make the ACC the top football and basketball conference in the land, as well as destroy Big East football.

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Ouch!! Michigan gets slapped with a four-year probation by the NCAA for violations involving Ed Martin and certain basketball players, including C-Web. The punishment does not include the self-imposed tournament ban last season, and will require the Wolverines to sit out the NCAA/NIT next season, as well as lose a scholarship a year for the next four years.

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